Wuyi tea (also called wu yi, wu long, and wulong or oolong tea) is a delightful purely natural tea that falls in between the green tea extract and black tea families…but the great news is it’s also shown to have fat burning as well as weight loss properties.

When you want to use up fat, leanbean reviews reddit (information from www.wishtv.com) speeding your metabolism is the thing that you need to do and there’s scientific proof that wuyi does indeed boost metabolic process.

A Japanese analysis concluded that girls drinking wu yi tea burned twice as a lot of calories as girls drinking traditional green tea.

It’s been shown that drinking woo long tea can avoid foods from being saved as fat. To drink tea fifteen minutes prior to eating carbs can prevent the absorption of fats attributable to the insulin boost / fat storage connected with eating carbs as well as sugar.

which means you can eat bread, cake and pasta (in moderation) and never store the fat that’s typically associated with these foods.

Also note, wuyi tea is not the average Chinese diet plan tea you see promoted all around the internet. A large number of diet teas contain additives that happen to be generally “laxatives”, for example many contain “Senna” a powerful laxative. You may well have experimented with one of those diet teas and experienced some very extreme unwanted side effects like diarrhea and cramping.

Wuyi Tea is one ingredient… clean tea, therefore don’t confuse these laxative” dieters teas” with natural wu extended oolong teas, they are different.

So how much weight or perhaps fat can you burn by consuming wu yi tea?